Intact Special School (ISS)

A residential school for children with intellectual disabilities and associated problems between the ages of 3–14. The school provides life-oriented education, training in daily living skills, vocational training in preparation for adulthood, and a great deal of love and care. Read more >>

Horse Riding Therapy Centre

The Centre is located on Intact Special School campus. The children are provided with hippo riding therapy, which is excellent physical and psychological therapy for children with disabilities. Many come out of their shell when they are with the horses and for some it is the only time that they speak and laugh. Read more >>

Opportunity Campus I & II

This innovative project targets adults with intellectual disabilities between the ages of 14–35 and prepares them for employment and independent living to achieve self-sustainability. The project is housed at two campuses where one provides them with education and vocational training within agriculture and the other offers training within handicraft for women and urban-based beneficaries.
Opportunity campus I - Agriculture project >>
Opportunity campus II - Voctional Training Centre >>

Adult Girls Home

The home accommodates young women of 14 years and older with intellectual disabilities as an assisted living solution. It was opened in 2012 and is funded by Tamilnadu government. The home is designed to house 40 girls. Read more >>

Intact Matriculation School, Kalrayan hills

An English medium school in Kalrayan hills offers consistent schooling for tribal children from kindergarten till Higher secondary (Standard 12). The goal is, tribal children in Kalrayan Hills to be able to reach the same education levels as the children in other cities & towns to have equal opportunities for further education and employment.  Read more >>

Girl’s Sponsorship Program

More than 600 tribal girls from 43 villages in Kalrayan Hills are covered by the sponsorship program. The program aims to keep the girls in school as a long-term solution to prevalent literacy, poverty and health problems. Read more >>

Girl’s Hostel

The girl’s hostel in Vellimalai houses 40 adolescent tribal girls to enable them to pursue their high school studies. The hostel also aids with lifestyle changes to bring about better nutrition, personal hygiene and learning techniques to improve school performance. Read more >>

Health Work Project

20 villages are covered and 2500 tribal people in the remote Kalrayan hills benefit yearly from Intact’s monthly medical camps and referral services to the nearest hospital. Medical staff supply medicine for free. Read more >>