About us

INTACT- Integrated Action Trust was established on 12th August 1992 by Thomas Ebenezer who, by helping those in need of food, shelter and a sense of security, is living his dread. Intact is registered as Public Charitable Trust under Indian Trusts Act. Registration numbers: 763/1992 (Chennai) & 1365/1996 (Tiruchirapalli).

Intact is working to empower marginalized individuals with intellectual disabilities, mountain tribes and women towards independent living. Intact believes in “supported decision making” and adapts inclusive approach in the decision making process.

Intact is governed by board of Trustees which consists 7 members and administered by Team leaders forum (TLF) consisting 8 members.

Project / steering / management committees of all segments are represented by beneficiaries. more >>

Intact is registered with Guide Star India organization. Guide Star Number (GSN): 5829 web: http://www.guidestarindia.org/

Intact also registered under NGO Partnership Scheme of Planning Commission of India with Id: TN/2014/0075393.

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